DB7 Coupe (Supercharged Straight Six)

Our DB7 coupe will make your special occasion just that bit more special

Like James Bond’s Aston in ‘Goldfinger’, our DB7 coupe is finished in silver metallic.  The interior is upholstered in grey Connolly leather, with dark grey piping and walnut trim. This 1995 DB7 is a two door two seater coupe. However, being a 2+2, it also has room in the back for two children, or teenagers if you’re not going too far.

Not only is our Aston Martin hire car arresting to the eye but thanks to the supercharger’s harmonic hum and the distinctive sports exhaust note it sounds fantastic too. Having a 3,200 supercharged six cylinder engine and manual gearbox, it goes with great verve. Most straight six DB7’s were automatics, but ours is the rarer manual version. A manual gearbox is regarded as being the one to have with the 6 cylinder engine as it gives a more sporty drive.


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